Welcome to Scan Board A/S

Scan Board A/S is a subsidiary of SWT Paper AB in Varberg, Sweden.


SWT Paper AB

Since 1999, we at SWT Paper AB have specialized in the production of laminated cardboard in a variety of grades for a variety of purposes.

We place great emphasis on good service, flexibility and the willingness to understand and collaborate on product development so that the different needs are adapted to the industries involved.

In recent years we have seen an increasing need / demand for the cardboard qualities – especially for the food industry.
For the same reason, we are extremely pleased to be able to present our products SWT FoodPack and SWT FoodPack Superior.

Two quality products that are approved for food. Both SWT FoodPack and SWT FoodPack Superior, can be produced in the desired size, quantity and color composition.


Scan Board A/S

In Denmark, packaging has been produced for many years, also called gold / silver cardboard or salmon board, for the food industry, especially the fishing industry.

We are proud to present our subsidiary Scan Board A / S in Denmark and thereby to be among the Danish manufacturers and suppliers of packaging for the food industry.

With Scan Board A / S in Herning, we will be able to meet the requirements for service, flexibility and understanding of the needs of Danish customers. The modern and efficient production contributes to our ability to meet the requirements of the food industry in particular. We strive to respond quickly and smoothly to meet customers and fulfill the desired delivery condition, despite an often short delivery deadline.

At Scan Board A / S, we will, with quick response, service customers – large and small, with the desirable requirements for quality and delivery – of course at competitive prices.